We can represent you before the IRS.  We will represent you before the IRS whether it involves an IRS notice, audit, levies, etc.   We can help you with the following IRS problems:

IRS Notices:

The IRS has about 75 different notices that it sends out.  The notice will describe what the issue is and will ask for a response by a certain date. 

We will analyze your notice and determine the issue(s) that has caused the notice to be issued and tell you how to resolve it or we will correspond on your behalf.

Wage Garnishment:

A wage garnishment is the deduction of money from an employee's wages resulting from unpaid IRS taxes.   A wage garnishment is issued after repeated letters and warnings about the taxes owed have been previously sent and no acceptable correspondence has been made with the IRS concerning the unpaid taxes.  This one of the IRS's most aggressive tax collection procedures and should not be ignored.  

There are many ways to prevent or stop a wage garnishment.  The method will be determined by your financial, and tax situation.   We will review your situation and advise you on a course of action.  We will correspond with the IRS on your behalf.   We sometimes can get a wage levy released in as little as one day, others may take more time depending on the circumstances.

IRS Bank Levy:

An IRS bank account levy is the seizure of funds from your bank account to satisfy unpaid taxes.  The bank will freeze your account so you cannot do anything with your account for 21 days and then the bank sends the funds to the IRS.  The IRS does not want to levy your bank account since they would rather settle your tax debt in some other manner.  It is likely that the IRS has sent prior notices warning you of a bank levy before the IRS levies the bank account. 

A bank account levy can be stopped but it is important to act quickly and correspond with the IRS.  There are many different methods to stop a bank levy.  The method will be determined by your financial and tax situation.   We can help.  We can act to stop or release the levy while we negotiate an alternative solution with the IRS.

Non-filed Tax Returns:

If you fail to file a tax return by the due dates or have unfiled tax returns you can face interest and penalties and other enforcement actions which will can cause you to incur severe financial hardship.  If the IRS sends you a notice requesting a tax return be filed and you do not respond the IRS will typically file a subsititute return on your behalf allowing no deductions.  The IRS will then send you a notice of tax due for the amount they have calculated on the substitute return.  If you still do not respond then eventually you could receive a wage garnishment or levy notice.  It is important that if you receive notice that the IRS has filed a substitute return on your behalf that you act and file your own return with.  The IRS will allow you to go back and file an actual return to replace their substitute return. 

If you need back year returns filed, we can correspond with the IRS on your behalf asking for a delay in collection activity.  We then can help you file your back year returns. 

Tax Audits:

Tax audits come in several different forms.  The audit can be a correspondence audit whereby you send in the documentation requested by the audit letter, a office visit whereby you bring your records the IRS auditor at their office, or a field audit, where the auditor comes to your place of business or home.   

We will review your audit notice and explain actions that need to be taken.  We will help you gather up the documentation requested in the audit letter.  Research all of the issues that are mentioned in the notice.  You can have us represent before the IRS and handle all communications with the IRS before, during and after the audit.  After the audit we will review the audit findings and let you know what the next steps should be taken.